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 The Elk River along with its tributaries: Big Sugar and Indian Creek offer fast moving, crystal clear water that bisect some of the grandest scenery in the Ozark range. It has been a perennial favorite of vacationers and weekenders for more than a half century. Rated as a class I - II, makes it a great float for beginners or a relaxing day for the experienced.

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Spring and summer are the best for family functions, but fall in the Ozarks is a must see. The changing color of the trees on the bluffs and the reflections in the calm, clear waters make this a perfect time to float or fish The Elk River. Fall and winter also reveal more caves and bluffs that were hidden by summer greenery.


Dotted along the banks and beaches of the Elk River are lovely, shaded camp grounds that provide a wealth of outdoor entertainment. Hence, Noel, MO. is the canoe capital of the Ozarks. Amongst outdoor water activities like swimming and various water sports, the Elk River is also one of the prime fishing locations in the area. It is known as the best Small Mouth Bass fishing in the state of Missouri.


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